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Our focus

To work towards a more secure, vibrant and sustainable Island nation for all, our focus is on five interrelated priorities as developed from early engagement with Tynwald Members in October 2021.

Each priority relies on cross-Government working and has its own vision, reflecting the aim, commitments and focus of this administration, which seeks to put people at the heart of service delivery and policy-making.

The focus for Government must be on straightforward delivery on the issues that matter most, with clear emphasis on creating a sustainable future and being an attractive destination for people and business. 

Whilst Our Island Plan sets out a vision for the next 10-15 years, with the actions to be taken over the course of this administration, Government must be ready to adapt to changing priorities, updating policy and taking a long-term view.

We are laying the foundations to make the Isle of Man a more attractive and prosperous place to live and work, which in turn will sustain and grow productive businesses and services. It is through a continuous and deliberate focus on these strategic outcomes that we will make the Island a secure, vibrant and sustainable place to live.

Hon Alfred Cannan MHK
Chief Minister