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Conclusions & next steps.

This refreshed Island Plan focuses on strategic programmes and actions that are being progressed in order that we remain secure, vibrant and sustainable over the coming years.

It also incorporates the Island’s Economic Ambitions, programmes and actions which aim to provide prosperity for people and communities, prosperity for business, a resilient and sustainable economy, and also ensuring we protect, nurture and grow key sectors of the economy.

Bringing together the objectives of both the Island Plan and the Economic Strategy allow us to focus on policy and delivery in a more joined up and cohesive way. A single plan with a clear focus on the delivery of priorities for our Island.

As ever, it is crucial that we remain agile to changing circumstances and openly acknowledge that policies and strategies take time to develop and adapt as appropriate to ensure they continue to meet intended

Over the past 12 months - this refreshed Island Plan has involved engagement and input from the Public, Tynwald, Government, as well as our Partners and Businesses from across the community. The Economic Strategy has been revised following public consultation and subsequently approved by Tynwald.

The Council of Ministers value and appreciate the feedback, ideas and input submitted.

It is envisaged that the next Island Plan update will be published in January 2024, including updated reports and news on progress against the Island Plan actions which can be found on this website.