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One vision for the Isle of Man

Our overarching vision continues to be building a secure, vibrant and sustainable future for our Island Nation. 

In practice, our core strategic objectives ‘secure’, ‘vibrant’ and ‘sustainable’ mean:

  1. Secure: We have an Island where everyone feels safe, our economy is secure, our health and education systems support everyone, and we have housing, food, energy, and transport security.

  2. Vibrant: Our Island is vibrant, diverse and welcoming, providing excellent educational, recreational and economic opportunities for all, and our businesses are able to grow with confidence, accessing the skills and people required now and into the future.

  3. Sustainable: We look after and nurture our Island and resources, driving forward our local agenda towards a fair, inclusive and sustainable society and environment.

This document sets out our policies and the strategic programmes and core actions for the lifetime of the Island Plan including our Economic Strategy until 2026; and sets the course for the longer term delivery of our vision over the next decade and beyond.

The Economic Strategy is integral to the delivery of the Island Plan and has been fully incorporated in order to align delivery against a single set of interrelated objectives. The overall Island Plan vision is supported by the ambitions and objectives of the Economic Strategy, aligned to the five core Island Plan themes.

This updated version of the Island Plan has been informed by the Economic Strategy which was debated and agreed by Tynwald in November 2022. The ambitions and key strategies that flow from this have been integrated so that a single overarching national programme can be developed and reported on in one place using the new Island Plan.

Our strategic programmes translate into multiple actions across Government to make the vision a reality and help prioritise and allocate resources appropriately.

Crucially however, there are critical issues that we must respond to and therefore we continue to:

  • Tackle the housing crisis by ensuring everyone has a suitable and affordable place to call home and our housing stock meets the needs of our population now and into the future.
  • Address the critical issues in Health and Social Care and deliver greater access to a comprehensive, high quality and fully integrated health and social care system.
  • Overcome uncertainty by developing a stronger and more diverse economy through delivery of the Economic Strategy, providing prosperity and rewarding career opportunities and where our economic success positively impacts all residents.
  • Improve our basic infrastructure and provide for vibrant communities where people feel pride in their surroundings and where our rich and diverse environment is being protected, nurtured and sustained.
  • Continue to recognise the importance of investing in our residents’ education from an early age, increase school performance levels and provide for high-quality education and training opportunities to allow anyone to reach their full potential at any time in life.

Our vision must be the cornerstone for a long term common purpose, a reference for policy, and a driver for a concerted effort across One Government, to deliver for people now, and for future generations.