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Principles for 'One Government'

‘One Government’ as an approach requires everyone across the public service to have certain considerations at the forefront of public service delivery. Our culture should be one of People First.

To be sustainable and deliver the best quality of life for people requires key principles to be embedded across all of Government:

  • Listening – to continue to understand the changing needs of our people.
  • Strategic thinking – to take account of long-term interests and aspirations of the Island.
  • Stewardship – to take care of public funds and ensure value for money.
  • Prioritisation – to effectively determine where Government resources are most needed.
  • Productivity – to ensure resources are used effectively in the best interests of serving our people.
  • Delivery – to provide a quality and efficient service for the public.
  • Accountability – to recognise shortcomings, seek improvement and accept responsibility.