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Delivery Highlights


The Department for Enterprise (DfE) has directly worked with existing and new businesses to support the creation and filling of 588 jobs for 2023. DfE agencies supported record levels of 84 eGaming licenses awarded, delivered major initiatives and events such as the Innovation Challenge, leveraged new private sector investment, and 1,600 new registrations via including seven high-net-worth individuals.


DfE launched a new Island Infrastructure Scheme in 2023, subsequently confirming support to unlock £50m of private sector investment for residential apartments, office, leisure and enhanced public realm across three prominent brownfield sites, as well as supporting in principle 18 major planning applications that have the potential for over 800 homes and 300 new jobs. The National Broadband Plan continued, with over 75% of targeted homes passed, so supporting ongoing continued investment to deliver 99% of all homes fibre ready.

  Visitor numbers

In 2023, air travel was up 6% and sea travel up 7%; it was a record year for cruise visits, and overall visitor numbers grew, exceeding 318,000. This placed the Island as one of the strongest growth areas post pandemic across the British Isles, achieving 5th position in Sky Scanners global “hidden treasures”, and supported by a good recovery in TT visitor numbers to 43,000, and a global 260% increase in digital audience.

  East Quay Peel

DOI completed the high quality regeneration of East Quay in Peel in November 2023, within budget. The scheme has met the aspirations for all users, with a fully reconstructed highway designed for a 40 year lifespan, wider and fully accessible footways, and surfaced using a high quality sandstone. Additional facilities, including electric vehicle charging pods and extra disabled parking spaces are now available. The working harbour edge was also improved, with existing street lighting being fully replaced, water/electric pedestals introduced for boat users and new railings to replace the old railings along the length of Station Quay. 

  Flood Alleviation

DOI continued important flood alleviation works throughout the year. The second phase of river flood defence work in Laxey was completed, with the third and final phase planned for summer 2024; a number of surface water flood alleviation improvements were also successfully completed, including a new gravel trap and culvert entrance improvements in Glen Road; new drainage for sections of the Manx Electric Railway and Snaefell Mountain Railway; as well as a new flood defence wall on the River Glass at Tromode Industrial Estate to protect the area to a high standard against potentially devastating flooding - as experienced during storm Desmond in 2015. Reduced waiting lists Manx Care partnered with specialist healthcare providers to reduce waiting lists for a broad range of patients and service users, including for cataracts, mental health and outpatient appointments, including: a 77% reduction of the waiting list for Ophthalmology daycase procedures (mainly cataract-related); a 43% reduction of the waiting list for orthopaedic inpatient and daycase procedures (predominantly hip & knee replacements); and a 42% reduction in the waiting list for General
Surgery inpatient and daycases.

  Healthcare inspections

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) arranged for external, independent regulators to carry out assessments of health and care services delivered or commissioned by Manx Care, many for the first time. Inspections of most services are nearly complete, and the published reports highlight both areas of good practice, and recommendations for improving the quality and safety of services.

  Reciprocal Healthcare

This arrangement between the Isle of Man and the UK was updated and has extended the period of free emergency health care to six months. This means that people from the Isle of Man who require emergency treatment in the UK will receive their treatment at no cost, if they take ill within 6 months of their arrival. The agreement extends both ways.

  Quality assurance in education

The Department for Education Sport and Culture (DESC) introduced a new Quality Assurance Framework for Schools and Educational services. The framework will support the continual improvement of all schools and educational services, supported by evidence and validated by a globally recognised external provider.

  UCM, skills and lifelong learning

A new strategy sets a clear direction for University College Isle of Man (UCM) over the coming years, strengthening its student-centred approach through enhanced digital provision and curriculum changes to meet future employment needs. The refreshed UCM Strategy is complemented by a new Skills Board and the refreshed Apprenticeships and Vocational Training Assistance Scheme (VTAS) which also offer support for lifelong learning.

  Youth services

A new youth strategy will support the further development of the youth services provision across the Island. The first element is the opening of the Outdoor Learning Centre, previously known as Ardwhallan. The Outdoor Learning Centre will aim to improve the health and wellbeing of young people through adventure and problem solving activities, and provide support to children and young people who are experiencing difficulties. A further focus is on developing 5 regional youth hubs, building on the foundations of providing young people with 'somewhere to go, someone to talk to and something to do'.

  Education and sports facilities

Funding secured to enable the design phase of a new secondary school and sports facility including a swimming pool in Castletown sets a clear vision for the provision of educational and sporting
facilities in the south of the Island.

  Domestic Abuse

The Department of Home Affairs has introduced the Domestic Abuse act which aims to protect people from abuse. So far 11 people have been convicted of Domestic Abuse or related offences. Further cases are pending. Additional protection has been provided by the issue of 18 Domestic Abuse Protection Notices and 15 Domestic Abuse Protection Orders – these have provided timely protection for victims

  Community Safety Partnership

The Department of Home Affairs has introduced the Community Safety Partnership which brings together different parts of Government for a co-ordinated approach to keeping our community safe. Operational since May 2023, the Partnership has set out the initial priority areas to be work to improve youth justice, domestic abuse and support for complex families

  Legal Services

The Department of Home Affairs has concluded the first review into legal services in the Isle of Man, the Garnier review, for over twenty years. We are working with the Law Society to ensure the recommendations are implemented to improve access to the legal services profession, training and development, and regulation.

  Renewed Fisheries Management Agreement

This was agreed between the Isle of Man and UK Governments and increased the fishing quota available to the Island - enabling local fishermen to fish commercially-viable quantities of herring in 2023, for the first time in nearly 25 years, as well as small and extremely valuable lobsters, known as langoustines, from 2024.

  Air and water quality

The Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA) also started an air quality trial in 2023, and completed bathing water quality testing - both of which will afford valuable information.

  Energy strategy

The first iteration of the Isle of Man Energy Strategy 2023 was published and approved, and sets out a vision in which our net-zero ambition supports the economic strategy, taking advantage of low carbon technologies and optimising our own abundant natural resources. This strategy will be updated annually.

  Gas regulation

On behalf of Council of Ministers, the Cabinet Office rapidly delivered the Gas Regulation (Amendment) Act 2023 through the Branches, to provide powers for urgently needed safeguards for vulnerable gas customers. In January 2024 an Order was been made under the Act using these new powers. The Order prohibits a public gas supplier from disconnecting specified groups of vulnerable customers in the winter period each year.

  Vaping restrictions

In response to public and political concern the Cabinet Office accelerated progression of the Vaping Products Bill through the Branches in 2023. The Bill introduced age restrictions on the sale and importation of vaping products, as well as restrictions for point of sale displays to reduce the visibility of those products to children.

Preventing financial crime

The new Financial Crime Strategy (2024-2026) was approved in Tynwald, allocated additional investment by Treasury, and underscores the Government's proactive stance in addressing financial crime. As a member of MONEYVAL, the Island is focused on a comprehensive cross Government work programme, fostering collaboration with regulators and industry to implement a unified 'One-Island' approach.

  Service merger

On the 16th January 2024 Isle of Man Passports, Immigration and Nationality moved from the Cabinet Office to Customs and Excise Division of Treasury. The main aim of this merger is to strengthen both Customs and Immigration law enforcement at the borders. Bringing the two functions together has enabled a crossover of skills, and builds resilience in day-to-day operations with a focus on maintaining compliance with the Common Travel Area Agreement, the Customs and Excise Agreement, and the operational relationship with the UK.

  Governance reform

Planned improvements to enhance the oversight and leadership of the Isle of Man Government have also now been delivered, with a new Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer for the Cabinet Office appointed and in post; an Operational Performance Board established to support the Chief Executive’s leadership of the public service, with a focus on driving productivity; and non-executive directors appointed including for the Cabinet Office and new Airport Board