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Downloadable documents

Including Annual Reports, Department Plans & Strategies

Departments, boards and offices will submit their annual reports and department plans on set months of the year.

Department Reporting Month
Treasury Department Plan 2023-24 June
Department of Infrastructure Department Plan 2022-23 April
Department of Environment, Food & Agriculture Department Plan 2023 May
Department for Enterprise Department Plan 2023-24 May
Cabinet Office Department Plan 2023 March
Department of Home Affairs Department Plan 2023-24 July
Department of Education, Sport & Culture Department Plan 2022-23 October
Department of Health & Social Care Department Plan 2023-24 November
Manx Utilities Authority February
Manx National Heritage 2021 -23 November
Housing and Communities Board Action Plan May
Climate Change Board Action Plan July
Health and Care Transformation July
Isle of Man Post Office 2022-23 November

A list and downloadable versions of all approved strategies associated with Our Island Plan can be found below.

Strategy Published
Childcare Strategy July 2022
'Our Island, Our Future'- Isle of Man Economic Strategy November 2022
Built Environment Reform Programme July 2022
Housing & Communities Board Action Plan March 2022
Road Safety Strategy 2019
Legal Justice Reform March 2022
Highway Maintenance Charter March 2022
Health & Care Transformation Programme - annual report & plan Spring 2023
Harms Caused by Illicit Drugs July 2022
National Autism Strategy December 2022
NI Review 2021
Financial Crime Strategy 2021
Climate Change Plan 2022
Energy Strategy July 2021
UNESCO Biosphere  October 2021
Agricultural Strategy 2019
Implement recommendations of the July 21 Poverty Report July 2021
Minimum Wage Committee Recommendations 2021 2021

A list and downloadable versions of the programmes for each executive agency within the Department for Enterprise can be found below.

Programmes Published
Business Isle of Man Programme 2023 March 2023
Digital Isle of Man Programme 2023 March 2023
Finance Isle of Man Programme 2023 March 2023
Visit Isle of Man Programme 2023 March 2023