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Delivery Highlights

Whether it is a transport system designed for an inclusive and connected Island or a new scheme to assist people into work, the end result must work for people.

Oversight and Programme Management 

Council of Ministers will oversee the delivery and performance management of the Island Plan; setting direction and managing escalations and conflicts together with cross-government policy.

Three key Council oversight Boards supported by officer working groups, bring
together policy and delivery oversight spanning the whole Island Plan agenda –
see diagram below. These are now supplemented by priority-specific Boards for
which cross-Government coordination is particularly needed, for example on
housing, energy and justice. Council governance arrangements will continue to
adapt in this way to meet requirements and drive progress.

Island Plan Boards

Economic Strategy Board


  • Chief Minister (Chair)
  • Treasury
  • Enterprise
  • Justice & Home Affairs

A Strong and Diverse Economy

Focusing on our economy

Officer Working Group

Communities & Environment Board


  • Cabinet Office (Chair)
  • Infrastructure
  • Environment, Food & Agriculture

Building Great Communities

An Environment we can be proud of

Focusing on communities, the environment and the climate change action plan.

Officer Working Group

Health, Learning & Social Policy Board


  • Treasury (Chair)
  • Health & Social Care
  • Education, Sport & Culture
  • Justice & Home Affairs

An Island of Health & Wellbeing

Outstanding lifelong learning and development opportunities for all

Focusing on our people and social policy.

Officer Working Group