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Staying physically and mentally fit and healthy, benefits not only the individual but also society. We cannot expect to be immune from the ravages of serious diseases, global pandemics or the daily pressures of life, but facilitating healthy lifestyles, access to sport and culture, and encouraging a good work-life balance is as important as developing high quality health and social care services. There is a fundamental link between our economic success and our health and wellbeing. 


Over the lifetime of this Plan we will:

  1. Ensure the Health and Care Transformation project is delivering the recommendations of Sir Jonathan Michael’s review.

  2. Address how waiting times and access to health and social care can be improved as a priority.

  3. Ensure the proper development of integrated healthcare and early intervention so that health and social issues, including child health and mental health, can get attention more quickly and in a joined-up way, delivered within communities.

  4. Ensure appropriate provision of services and support is available to victims of abuse and those at risk or in need of protection.

  5. Provide appropriate support for those who choose to care for others at home.

  6. Undertake a review of harms caused by illicit drugs and develop policy to address harms.

  7. Value partnership with third sector and community groups by commissioning specific services where possible.                                                    
  8. Review financial support towards meeting nursing home fees and social care costs.                                                                                                                           
  9. Recognise the link between healthy places, active lifestyles and overall wellbeing in policy choices.                                                                                       
  10. Implement approved recommendations of the July 2021 Poverty Report, including increasing the Minimum Wage towards parity with the Living Wage to address income disparities.


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