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Our Island’s infrastructure and services are critical elements of the Economic Strategy enabling us to attract and retain economically active people, resulting in sustained targeted growth.

The ethos and character of our towns and villages is a vital component of our Island’s infrastructure and services. Whilst building great communities goes far beyond traditional bricks and mortar, housing and associated matters are a cornerstone of the success of the Economic Strategy. We must also consider our built environment, transport and the road systems available to our communities going forward supporting improved quality of life for everyone, including young people and families.

Building great communities also involves ensuring our legal and justice system is fit for purpose; one that is fair and efficient for the citizens it serves.

Over the lifetime of this Plan we will:

  • Establish a Housing and Communities Board to bring together and focus policy and actions across Government on housing for all. This will include legislative, financial and practical interventions as appropriate as a priority for our Island, so that public and private sector housing is accessible, secure and affordable. 

  • Develop an action plan to ensure every resident has a safe and secure home which will include the bringing of vacant and derelict buildings back into use.

  • Revive our urban landscape and improve the public realm in a sustainable way by transforming Government owned brownfield sites via the Manx Development Corporation, for the benefit of all citizens.

  • Through the Built Environment Reform Programme;
  • a.) Ensure our planning policies and legislation are fit for purpose by performing a review ensuring alignment with Climate Change targets and initiatives and sustainability.
  • b) Review the Town Centre First model (in Scotland) as a possible template for regeneration (action completed)
  • Develop and implement a plan to further secure our Island, enhancing security at points of entry, improving information sharing between law enforcement agencies and carriers, and protecting the most vulnerable.
  • Introduce a new Charter for standard regular schedule of road, roadside and pathway and leisure route maintenance.
  • Ensure the Island's Road Safety Strategy aligns with the needs of the community.
  • Ensure that we meet the needs of our older population and those with disabilities living in all our communities, from design and adaptation, care and extra care provisioning through to the provision of residential, nursing and respite care.
  • Develop an integrated and socially inclusive Public Transport Strategy with recommendations and delivery plan which meets the needs of communities, keeps people connected in work, leisure and access to services and supports transition to Net Zero.
  • Complete Local Economy Strategy to help inform longer term leisure infrastructure
  • Supporting a vibrant community and the growth in economically active population.
  • Undertake a review of the Criminal Justice Strategy to ensure our legal services and justice system is fit for purpose and meets the needs of the Island.


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