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We all know that a good well-rounded education will provide us all with the best possible start in life, but we also recognise that lifelong learning is a fundamental pillar of our social and economic success.


Over the lifetime of this Plan we will:

  1. Review education funding and delivery so resourcing is focused into the right areas with the most positive impact.

  2. Ensure attainment and undertake quality assurance benchmarking of education services.

  3. Establish apprenticeship training partnerships with employers to reflect the current and future needs of the Island’s economy and contribution to global sustainable development.

  4. Deliver improved ongoing support for training, internship, higher education, re-skilling and upskilling initiatives.

  5. Implement the Childcare Strategy and any necessary changes to employment law so that parents can access childcare at various stages and balance home and work commitments.

  6. Ensure that public services are increasingly digitally-enabled, and residents have access to fast, reliable internet via the Island’s National Broadband Plan to create enhanced opportunities for learning in the Digital Age.

  7. Consider the potential role, benefit and remit of a Children’s Commissioner and Child First policy approach across Government.                                          
  8. Research the development of niche educational and training campuses based on the Island’s sector strengths.


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