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Strategic programmes:
A strong and diverse economy

Programmes underway

Financial crime strategy

  • Action: Plan for successful Moneyval inspection 2025
  • Target date: December 2023

Workforce & skills strategy

  • Action: Enhance current apprenticeship training partnerships with employers, considering other learning options such as online learning. Apprenticeship review complete by December 2022.
  • Target date: December 2022
  • Revised date: December 2023

  • Action: Implement a revised apprenticeship scheme based on the review undertaken.
  • Target date: September 2023
  • Revised date: April 2024

  • Action: Publish a workforce & skills strategy which attracts people to the Island and supports those entering employment for the first time, changing employment or returning to the workforce.
  • Target date: April 2023 
  • Revised date: TBC
  • Action: Education to Employment Pathways: Continue ongoing support for training, internship and higher education, with promotion of support through key community events and experiences. Development of a new UCM strategy which supports further and higher education and development for all complete by December 2023.” to “Develop a Careers Education Entitlement Offer of provision by means of an Improvement Plan, for each stage and age of education based around positive transition support by December 2023.
  • Target date: December 2023

Manufacturing strategy

  • Action: Expanding on the theme of low-volume/high-value manufacturing, target and further develop specialised engineering and biotech businesses, as well as niche markets. Review due July 2023.
  • Target date: July 2023
  • Revised date: TBC

Taxation strategy

  • Action: Final Tax Strategy published by December 2023
  • Target date: December 2023

Economic strategy

  • Action: Annual report to Tynwald on progress of the implementation of the Economic Strategy.
  • Target date: November 2023

Completed actions

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