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Strategic programmes:
An environment we can be proud of

Programmes underway

Climate change action plan

  • Action: Draft National Strategy on Sea Defences, Flooding and Coastal Erosion completed by December 2022 with strategy approved by June 2023.
  • Target date: 2024

Latest updates on this programme

Implement waste strategy

  • Action: Deliver effective and sustainable sewerage treatment infrastructure for Peel operational by December 2024.
  • Target date: 2024
  • Revised date:  December 2025

  • Action: Deliver effective & sustainable sewerage treatment infrastructure for Garff operational by December 2025.
  • Target date: 2025
  • Revised date:  Q1 2026

  • Action: Environmental Waste Standards: Report on international standards in relation to environmental waste, ensuring that there is no intentional discharge of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) into waters, including bays.
  • Target date: December 2025

  • Action: Waste Strategy Implemented
  • Target date: 2025

Energy strategy

  • Action: There are opportunities for the Island to use its abundant offshore wind resources to produce green hydrogen to use locally as part of a closed loop carbon neutral economy and/or to export to key demand centres in the UK, EU and beyond. Develop policies that will enable the opportunities to be explored for the Island.  This will be determined through the Energy Strategy.
  • Target date: August 2024

Environment strategy

  • Action: Environmental considerations are embedded across Government decisions and infrastructure supporting a natural and built environment which respects and protects our rich culture, biodiversity and sense of place.
  • Target date: Ongoing

  • Action: Updated Environmental Protection Policies together with associated legislation redrafted for debate.
  • Target date: April 2023
  • Revised date:  April 2024

  • Action: Undertake and complete a trial for year round air quality monitoring (2 year trial).
  • Target date: July 2025
  • Revised date: October 2025

UNESCO biosphere re-accreditation

  • Action: Prepare for UNESCO Biosphere periodic review
  • Target date: 2025

  • Action: Submit for UNESCO Biosphere periodic review
  • Target date: 2026

Latest updates on this programme

UNESCO Biosphere website

Agricultural strategy

  • Action: Publish a plan for the future of agriculture
  • Target date: March 2023
  • Revised date:  January 2024

Food strategy

  • Action: Develop and publish a Plan for Food Security.
  • Target date: April 2023
  • Revised date:  October 2023

Onshore 20MW Renewable Energy by 2026

  • Action: Minimum 20mw renewable onshore energy.
  • Target date: 2026

Territorial Seas Programme

  • Action: Offshore Wind – The installation of an offshore wind farm in Manx territorial waters.
  • Target date: June 2026

  • Action: Offshore Wind Opportunities – Market testing to ascertain interest from wind farm enterprises in installing turbines in Manx Waters.
  • Target date: October 2023

  • Action: Completion of feasibility assessment of a new interconnector between the Island and another electricity transmission system and preparation of a full business case
  • Target date: March 2024

  • Action: Hydrocarbons – Licenced exploration of the sea bed and if successful the option to set up an operation to extract natural gas.
  • Target date: TBC

Completed actions

View the completed actions for this strategic programme