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Strategic programmes:
An Island of health and wellbeing

Programmes underway


Health & Care Transformation Programme

   Current status of the programme:  Ongoing

Mental health & suicide report recommendations

  • Action: Recommendations of the Tynwald committee mental health & suicide reports implemented
  • Target date: June 2025

Review of harm caused by illicit drugs

  • Action: Review of Illicit Substance Report debated in Tynwald.
  • Target date: January 2024
  • Revised date:  November 2023

  • Action: Review of Illicit Substances Policy principles debated in Tynwald
  • Target date: Q1 2024
  • Revised date:  April 2024

Mental Health & Children's Mental Health Strategy

  • Action: Strategy published
  • Target date: December 2023
  • Revised date:  January 2024
  • Action: Strategy implemented
  • Target date:  2024

Starting Well and Developing Well in Childhood

  • Action: Define and deliver early Intervention strategies. Consider and where appropriate adopt approach taken in other jurisdictions.
  • Target date:  September 2024

National Autism Strategy

  • Action: Publish National Autism Strategy.
  • Target date: April 2023
  • Revised date:  November 2023

Carer Strategy and Young Carer Strategy

  • Action: Publish the strategy and action plan
  • Target date:  September 2023
  • Revised date:  December 2023

Restoration & Recovery Programme (addressing waiting list times)

  • Action: Funding submission
  • Target date: October 2023
  • Revised date:  TBC

Latest updates on this programme

Implement Recommendations of the July 2021 Poverty Report

  • Action: Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) analysis.​
  • Target date:  2024

  • Action: Align minimum wage with living wage
  • Target date:  April 2025

  • Action: Implement recommendations of the July 2021 Poverty Report
  • Target date:  April 2025

Suicide Prevention Strategy

  • Action: Suicide Prevention Action Plan Implemented.
  • Target date:  April 2027

Blue Light strategy

  • Action: Feasibility studies for Central and Western Blue Light Hub.
  • Target date: December 2023
  • Revised date:  TBC

Completed actions

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