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Island Plan on a page

The Plan on a Page brings together the Island Plan Vision and themes and the Economic Strategy’s Economic Ambitions; and outlines the Strategic Programmes that feed into the achievement of the overall Island Plan vision. Tynwald provided strong support for the Economic Strategy and its incorporation into the Island Plan. Our Redefined Strategic Priorities will progress our vision and themes.

Island Plan Vision


We have an Island where everyone feels safe, our economy is secure, our health and educational system supports everyone and we have housing, food and energy, and transport security.


Our Island is vibrant, diverse and welcoming, providing excellent educational, recreational and economic opportunities for all, and our businesses are able to grow with confidence, accessing the skills and people required now and into the future.


We look after and nurture our Island and our resources, driving forward our local agenda towards a fair, inclusive and sustainable society and environment.

Economic ambitions 

Shape of the Economy

Create and fill 5,000 new jobs across new, enabling and existing key sectors by 2032, reaching an overall GDP of £10bn.

By actively investing in skills, productivity, infrastructure, businesses and sectors to deliver a strong and diverse economy.

Prosperity for people and communities.

Infrastructure & Services

Further develop the infrastructure and services for our community to plan for an estimated population of 100,000 by 2037.

By actively investing in key services and infrastructure that attract and retain economically active people, supported by a range of targeted incentives and disincentives to sustain targeted growth.

Prosperity for business.

Public Finances

To generate over £200m of additional annual income to reinvest in services and quality of life by 2032.

To grow and diversify government revenues with a broader range of sources for a long term financial sustainability including efficient and effective delivery of public services.

Resilient and sustainable economy.


Substantially decarbonise the service parts of our economy by 2030, supporting an overall reduction of 35% in the Island's GHG emissions.

By accelerating our energy strategy to provide long term security, stability and decarbonisation, and consciously and proactively investing in the climate change action plan, placing sustainability at the heart of the economy.

Protect, nurture and grow key sectors.


Strategic programmes

Building great communities

Live Island Plan Initiatives

  • Built Environment Reform Programme
  • Housing & Communities Board Action Plan
  • Residency, Migration and Security
  • Highway Maintenance Charter
  • Legal & Justice Reform
  • Implement the Road Safety Strategy
  • Strategy for the Long Term Provision of Residential, Nursing & Respite Care
  • Transport Strategy

An Island of health & wellbeing

Live Island Plan Initiatives

  • Restoration & Recovery Programme
  • Health & Care Transformation
  • Mental Health & Suicide Report Recommendation
  • Suicide Prevention Strategy
  • Starting Well & Developing Well in Childhood
  • Review of Harms Caused by Illicit Drugs & Develop Policy to Address Harms
  • Blue Light Strategy
  • Implement Recommendations of the July 2021 Poverty Report
  • Mental Health & Children’s Mental Health Strategy
  • Carer Strategy & Young Carer Strategy
  • Child First policy

A strong & diverse economy

Live Island Plan Initiatives

  • Economic Development
  • Travel Connectivity: Air & Sea
  • Workforce & Skills Strategy
  • Engineering and Manufacturing Strategy
  • Taxation Strategy
  • International Relations Strategy
  • Financial Crime Strategy
  • 4 DfE Executive Agency Programmes

An environment we can be proud of

Live Island Plan Initiatives

  • Offshore Wind
  • Onshore 20MW Renewable Energy by 2026
  • Territorial Seas
  • Climate Change Action Plan
  • Implement Waste Strategy
  • Energy Strategy
  • Agriculture Strategy
  • Food Security Strategy
  • UNESCO Biosphere Periodic Review
  • Environment Strategy

Outstanding lifelong learning & development opportunities for all

Live Island Plan Initiatives

  • Childcare Strategy
  • Education Continuous Improvement
  • Island Campus Research