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Delivery matters

Whether it is a transport system designed for an inclusive and connected Island or a new scheme to assist people into work, the end result must work for people.

Government exists predominantly to serve people as well as to act in the best long-term interests of the Island. Our culture must be one of “people first” and we must seek not to express what we “can’t do” but rather find out what we “can do” to take the Island forward and help people progress.

We must strive to create an accessible and caring environment that we can be proud of and that gives people and businesses the platforms to succeed.

The following actions are in place to enhance Government’s policy and strategic delivery:

  • An Isle of Man Government Conference will be held annually to allow for public interaction and debate on the key issues. The inaugural conference was held in September 2022 and drew more than 1,000 people. A range of presentations, panel discussions and question-and-answer sessions took place over two days, providing an opportunity for the Manx public to engage with political representatives on the big issues important to our Island.

  • The Island Plan will be debated annually and amended accordingly by Tynwald. This next version of the Island Plan will incorporate the key elements and deliveries of the Economic Strategy with the key strategic programmes that comprise the Island Plan. This version of the Island Plan will be debated by Tynwald in January 2023.

  • All public bodies must produce a Department Plan annual report for Tynwald scrutiny led by the Minister or Chairperson.  These have been tabled throughout the parliamentary year, laying out the actions undertaken by the department, (including business as usual activities); the positive impact on the Island and to determine and justify staffing levels.

  • Policy formulation, delivery and performance management are at the centre of how Government functions to ensure that we work together for the people of our Island. This will be managed a programme management framework as outlined below.

These actions bring with it transparency, accountability and oversight of how Government is performing to meet the service needs of the public.

Programme Management Approach

Council of Ministers will oversee the delivery and performance management of the Island Plan; setting direction and managing escalations and conflicts together with cross-government policy.

Three key Council oversight Boards supported by Officer Working Groups, will bring together policy and delivery for associated objectives. Programme Management will collate, monitor, report and provide delivery support as required.

Council oversight boards

Economic Strategy Board


  • Chief Minister (Chair)
  • Treasury
  • Enterprise
  • Justice & Home Affairs

A Strong and Diverse Economy

Focusing on our economy

Officer Working Group

Communities & Environment Board


  • Cabinet Office (Chair)
  • Infrastructure
  • Environment, Food & Agriculture

Building Great Communities

An Environment we can be proud of

Focusing on communities, the environment and the climate change action plan.

Officer Working Group

Health, Learning & Social Policy Board


  • Treasury (Chair)
  • Health & Social Care
  • Education, Sport & Culture
  • Cabinet Office
  • Justice & Home Affairs

An Island of Health & Wellbeing

Outstanding lifelong learning and development opportunities for all

Focusing on our people and social policy.

Officer Working Group