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Key Messages

The Isle of Man is secure, vibrant and sustainable.

The Isle of Man is a place of opportunity. We offer our residents a better quality of life and a place of economic security and stability.

Our economy is thriving because of our diverse, innovative business landscape and competitive tax environment. Our vibrant community is set in a beautiful UNESCO Biosphere, with sustainability and resilience at the heart of everything we do.

Better quality of life

With the lowest crime rate in the British Isles, the Isle of Man is a safe place to live, with extremely low geopolitical risk and a highly stable Government. The Island has a strong economy, with healthy Government reserves, an Aa3 Moody’s credit rating and GDP growth across the last decade, as well as ambitious plans to double GDP in the next decade. There are career opportunities for all levels, and an excellent quality of life, with an average commute time of 20 minutes and 95 miles of beautiful coastline to enjoy. The Island also offers an excellent education system, with high standards of teaching and a strong track record for sports and culture. Residents can also benefit from an NHS free at the point of use, integrated healthcare system, with free medical treatment in the UK. With tax benefits, competitive salaries, and diverse international and local employers, the Island is truly a prosperous home for people and businesses.

Economic security and stability

The Isle of Man is home to a thriving economic mix of economic sectors, leading international corporations, medium and small companies, and entrepreneurs who are well-connected logistically, digitally and economically with the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. As the world’s oldest continuous Parliament the Island is proud of its political stability, underpinned by a three tier system predominantly filled with independents, resulting in long term stability and strong democratic engagement. The Island prides itself on being internationally responsible and was the first jurisdiction to sign up to numerous Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development information sharing measures, playing its part on the global stage.

Diverse, innovative business landscape

The Isle of Man is the place for entrepreneurially minded individuals and businesses. It is home to a large number of prominent and high-quality global brands across a diverse spread of business sectors, including aviation, tourism, finance, e-business, e-gaming, e-sports, manufacturing, agriculture, construction, retail, food & drink, aerospace, shipping, biomed and more. The Island’s unique regulatory and governance systems supports businesses, with a proven ability to regulate and grow niche or new sectors. Businesses thrive in the Isle of Man with a significant level of Government support and a strongly supported 15-year Economic Strategy, with an ambitious vision for the Island’s future. Businesses value the Island’s stability, with 96% of those surveyed strongly agreeing the Island is a safe place to do business.

Competitive tax environment

Personal tax rates in the Isle of Man are among the lowest in Europe, with no inheritance tax, no stamp duty, no capital gains tax and a £200k tax cap for high net worth individuals. For businesses, the Island offers 0% standard rate of corporate income tax and a firm commitment to a long term view when it comes to taxation policy setting, while ensuring compliance with international obligations. The Isle of Man also currently offers no purchase restrictions for commercial and residential property, and low insurance costs ensured by the Island’s low crime rate.

Vibrant community set in a beautiful UNESCO Biosphere

We have a progressive, modern society with a strong sense of history and heritage, which is home to exceptional individuals, communities and families. The Island has a distinct Manx history, culture, music, language and folklore shaped by ancient Celtic and Viking roots, while also being an international mix of cultures, with more than 50% of residents not Manx born. The Isle of Man is the first whole jurisdiction to be named a UNESCO Biosphere (an international site of excellence where active conservation sits alongside responsible development), recognising the balance of people and nature and celebrating and protecting the breadth and range of biodiversity. 40% of the Island is uninhabited, with 18 scenic glens, 32 beaches and 95 miles of coastline, encompassing an abundance of marine life, birds and wildlife including an official bird sanctuary site on the Calf of Man.

Sustainability and resilience

The Island is developing an economy that is resilient over the long term, including diversifying into new sectors and maintaining large Government reserves. It has also pledged to make the transition to a net zero and sustainable economy by 2050, where social and environmental factors are fully embedded in economic policy-setting and businesses are supported to achieve Environmental, Social and Governance (‘ESG’) goals. The Island’s resilience and adaptability has been proven time and time again, through agile responses to international challenges and a self-sufficiency that enables effective and timely action.