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Minister Q&A sessions

Hear from the Chief Minister, Treasury Minister and Health Minister as host, Marian Kenny takes questions from the floor.

  1. Q&A with the Chief Minister (Part 1)
  2. Q&A with the Chief Minister (Part 2)
  3. Q&A with the Treasury Minister (Part 1)
  4. Q&A with the Health Minister
  5. Q&A with the Treasury Minister (Part 2)

Minister Speeches

Ministers address the Royal Hall as they provide updates and reflect on the past two years of the administration.

  1. Closing address from the Chief Minister
  2. Welcome Speech from the Cabinet Office Minister
  3. Welcome Speech from the Deputy Chief Minister


For the first day of the Isle of Man Government Conference 2023, all eyes are on Education.

  1. Policies & Progress for Children's Education
  2. Panel Q&A: Education and Childcare
  3. Panel Q&A: Workforce and upskilling for the future

Finance and Government Budgets

Day Two of the Government Conference commences with a spotlight on Finance and Government Budgets as we hear from Ministers, Guest Speakers, and Expert Panellists.

  1. Finance and Government Budgets Update from the Treasury Minister
  2. Building Fiscal Resilience with CEO of Gryphon, Jonathan Young
  3. Panel Q&A: Forging Fiscal Resilience
  4. Economic Strategy Update from the Enterprise Minister
  5. Panel Q&A: Tracking progress and paving the path to a prosperous economic future

Housing and Planning

Housing, Planning, and Infrastructure take the spotlight on Day Two of the Government Conference as expert speakers and panellists discuss the importance of developments and the building of communities for a thriving future on the Isle of Man.

  1. Housing: A model for the future
  2. Panel Q&A: Housing at every stage for the Isle of Man
  3. How planning can support place making with Sue Bridge
  4. Brownfield Regeneration Update from Manx Development Corporation
  5. Panel Q&A: Revitalising Infrastructure and Communities for Tomorrow
  6. Big infrastructure projects in small jurisdictions presentation by Mott MacDonald
  7. Planning Policy: New Strategic Plan Development


Explore the future of business and enterprise on Day Two at the Isle of Man Government Conference and dive into workshops to get expert guidance from the Department for Enterprise agencies.

  1. A Guide to VAT for Small Businesses: Small Business Workshop
  2. Digital Isle of Man: Presentation and Panel
  3. Business Isle of Man: Presentation and Panel
  4. Visit IOM: Presentation and Panel
  5. Finance Isle of Man: Presentation and Panel


Energy renewables and efficiency discussions provide insight into how to reduce your energy bills, strategies for a more sustainable lifestyle, and the latest updates on the onshore windfarm plans.

  1. Energy Efficiency Schemes: Supporting the public with cost of living and decarbonisation
  2. Manx Utilities: Onshore Renewable Energy Update


Hear from the CEO of Manx Care, the Health Minister, and other healthcare professionals as they reflect and look ahead to the future of healthcare on the Isle of Man.

  1. Improving Integrated Healthcare with Manx Care
  2. Funding the cost of Nursing & Residential Care: Future Models